These pieces are created from reclaimed fence pickets, pallet boards, or old planks.  What a great way to save a lovely old piece of wood.

©Ann Carille
   Ann Carille
collected seaglass
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 As a longtime resident of Virginia Beach I am a lover of all things coastal.  Summers are spent kayaking, paddling, boating and beach combing.  Then for fun we go to other coastal locations and see what they have to show off!  


I love finding things and transforming them.  Whether it’s a piece of driftwood from Lake Powell in Arizona that I see a “whale” in or a piece of sea-glass from Ireland that to me looks like a bird.  I thrill in taking a shipping pallet and breaking it down and creating lovely wall hanging art pieces that retain the patina of the wood, and also bring in an element of nature, mostly the sea, and end up being a piece of art that works well in homes in our coastal area. 


My pieces are made from mostly recycled, reclaimed or scavenged materials.  I use vintage window sashes, repurposed picture frames, vintage or discarded glass, found sea-glass, driftwood, shells, scavenged wood, discarded pallets, Spanish moss etc. 


I often describe what I do as putting together a puzzle that I don’t quite know what the picture is until I’m finished. I hope you enjoy looking at my creations.  Please let me know  if I can create something special for you!

© 2018 Ann  Carille.